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E-learning team presentation at Moodle Moot Dublin 2013

In case our Moodlemoot Dublin abstract has left you salivating but you have found that our presentation wasn’t recorded, we thought we’d give a quick overview. Sussex University is a research-led Higher Education institution using a customised Moodle install called Study Direct. We have 1,500 editing tutors, 15,000 students, 2,099 2012/13 Moodle courses  and 13,500 unique hits per […]

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Editing activities, labels & resource

We did some work earlier this year on looking at whats been called moodle’s edit clutter. The edit clutter can roughly be described as the screen ‘noise’ provided by all the amount of icons on a moodle site when your editing content. Alongside the edit clutter we also tried to help with a common question our tutors […]

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Moodle history/extended memory issue – cache with $USER->display & course_display

The problem : When a user in moodle chooses to view a single section of a site, they are shown the section as expected. Moodle stores which section you are viewing, so that when you go to a resource or activity and then return to the site, you are still viewing the section you last […]

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