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moodle dashboard

The information architecture of moodle can be rather confusing for both students & tutors. One of the reasons for this, suggested by our users, is that in comparison to most other web based content management systems moodle has no clear separation between the course editing settings and the front end. Having this separation of a front end user interface & an […]

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Moodle breadcrumb

When navigating a web site I like to know where I am so I do not feel disorientated or lost. Most web sites have a breadcrumb bar to help me with this. The metaphor is that the user has left a trail of breadcrumbs whilst traversing the site so he or she can retrace their […]

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Moodle history/extended memory issue – cache with $USER->display & course_display

The problem : When a user in moodle chooses to view a single section of a site, they are shown the section as expected. Moodle stores which section you are viewing, so that when you go to a resource or activity and then return to the site, you are still viewing the section you last […]

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Things we love about moodle2 pt3 – section name

Edit the summary of any section in moodle2 and you’ll see a new field – Section name. This is another step in bringing moodle into line with other content management systems, and we like it. The section name text box isn’t WYSIWYG – so it’s less confusing and will inherit any stylesheet – also its […]

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2010 Study Direct login page

For Autumn 2010 the Study Direct team have been making  changes to the way Study Direct looks and works to start to improve some the usability problems users have with the website. 2009 login page The 2009 login page contained a lot of information and images, which pushed the actual login box down quite far […]

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