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Recommendations for Moodle HQ

This blog post comes on the back of the Moodle moot conference we attended in Edinburgh this month. As in most conferences we received many comments from the Moodle community such as this one by Mark Andrews, University of Cambridge: “Sussex University seems to have sorted out all the problems we have with Moodle“ Well […]

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Making Moodle more engaging by rethinking the display of content

As many of our regular readers will know, a common theme in this blog has been how it is hard to create Moodle pages that look like the rest of the internet. Many Moodle pages look lists. When we are developing we often ask the question “What would Facebook do?” – or more generally “What […]

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100% section titles

Section titles are important for a¬†user to get a good experience of a Moodle site. They are used in the contents menu of the site thus making them primary navigation tools. They are like the chapter names in a textbook. They are essential for giving an overview of the site and for finding content within […]

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Recent activity in Moodle

We want our Moodle to be a dynamic online space, but there is a barrier to this. Currently to spot if any changes have occured to their moodle sites users have to rely on getting email updates or playing spot the difference for each site they have in moodle – often not a simple task. […]

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Moodle breadcrumb

When navigating a web site I like to know where I am so I do not feel disorientated or lost. Most web sites have a breadcrumb bar to help me with this. The metaphor is that the user has left a trail of breadcrumbs whilst traversing the site so he or she can retrace their […]

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