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Moodle history/extended memory issue – cache with $USER->display & course_display

The problem : When a user in moodle chooses to view a single section of a site, they are shown the section as expected. Moodle stores which section you are viewing, so that when you go to a resource or activity and then return to the site, you are still viewing the section you last […]

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Maintaining sites for the students’ programme duration

At Sussex we made a decision that Moodle sites which related to a Sussex course should be maintained for the duration of the students’ degree programme. This means for any particular course we have sites for every year it is run. For example Sussex 3rd year students have Moodle sites for all the course modules […]

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Things we love about moodle2 pt3 – section name

Edit the summary of any section in moodle2 and you’ll see a new field – Section name. This is another step in bringing moodle into line with other content management systems, and we like it. The section name text box isn’t WYSIWYG – so it’s less confusing and will inherit any stylesheet – also its […]

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