Publications and outputs « Everyday Childhoods

Project Reports

*NEW* Curating Childhoods: AHRC Funding Report (2015). Download here.

Curating Childhoods: Workshop Report (2015). Download here.

My Life in a Day: Workshop Report (2015). Download here.


Published Papers/Chapters

Thomson, R. & Arnott, S. (2015) Days of our lives: Making and sharing multi-media documents of everyday mothering’. Studies in the Maternal 7 (1) Available at:


Conference Papers/Presentations

Berriman, L. & Courage, F. ‘Curating Childhoods: Reflections on Developing a Multimedia Archive of Children’s Everyday Lives’, presented at Archiving Childhoods: The 3rd NCRCL Conference. University of Roehampton: 1 July 2016.

Berriman, L. ‘What is co-production? The hackathon as case study’, contribution to a roundtable event on co-production, co-hosted by the University of Brighton Business School/Education Research Centre and CIRCY. Brighton, January 13 2016.

Berriman, L. ‘Curating Contemporary Youth’, presented at the Journal of Youth Studies Conference 2015: Contemporary Youth, Contemporary Risk. Copenhagen, March 30 – April 1 2015.