We’re very excited to announce that on 25th January 2018, our new book Researching Everyday Childhoods: Time, Technology and Documentation in a Digital Age will be published with Bloomsbury! (Available to pre-order here.) The book has been co-authored by Rachel Thomson, Liam Berriman and Sara Bragg, and includes contributions from the wider project team and project advisory group.




As well as being published in PB and HB, it will also be available as a gold open access ebook that you can download for free from OAPEN and Bloomsbury Collections.


As a sneak preview, here is the book’s cover and contents page:

Foreword – David Buckingham.

Ch1. Everyday childhoods: Time, technology and documentation – Thomson, Berriman & Bragg.

Ch2. Recipes for documenting everyday lives and times – Thomson with Arnott, Hadfield, Kehily & Sharpe.

Ch3. Protection, participation and ethical labour – Thomson with McGeeney.

Ch4. Spectacles of intimacy: The moral landscape of teenage social media – Berriman & Thomson

Ch5. Materialising time: Toys, memory and Nostalgia – Berriman.

Ch6. The work of gender for children: Now you see it now you don’t – Thomson, Bragg & Kehily.

Ch7. Tracing the affects of contemporary schooling – Bragg.

Ch8. Recipes for co-production with children and young people – Berriman & Howland with Courage.

Ch9. A fellow traveller: The opening of an archive for secondary analysis – Kofoed.

Ch10. Researching as popular and professional practice – Thomson.

Around the book’s release we will be posting a series of blogs that discuss the process of transforming the project from an archive of research materials into a book. These blog posts will provide a ‘making of’ the book, and will aim to provide insight into how our ideas developed in the process of writing and collaboratively theorising the book, as well as exploring the different forms of academic labour entailed in moving from research to publication.

September 29th, 2017

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