Publications and outputs « Everyday Childhoods

Project Report

‘Face 2 Face: 12 Month Report for NCRM Methodological Innovation Projects’ Submitted Summer 2015. Download here.


Thomson, R., Berriman, L. & Bragg, S. (eds.) (2018). Researching Everyday Childhoods: Time, Technology and Documentation in a Digital Age. Bloomsbury. Available here as an Open Access ebook:

Book Chapters/Journal Articles

Berriman, L. & Mascheroni, G. (2019) ‘Exploring the Affordances of Smart Toys and Connected Play in Practice’, New Media & Society, 21(4). Available here.

Berriman, L. & Thomson, R. (2015) ‘Spectacles of Intimacy? Mapping the Moral Landscape of Teenage Social Media’, Journal of Youth Studies, 18(5): 583-597. Available here.

Thomson, R. (2014) ‘Possession: Research practice in the shadow of the archive’ in Smart, C., Hockey, J. and James, A. (eds.) The craft of knowledge: Experiences of living with data. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan

Thomson, R. and Hadfield, L. (2014) ‘’Day-in-a-life’ microethnographies and ‘Favourite Things’ interviews’, in Johnson, V., Hart, R. and Colwell, J. (eds.) Steps to engage young children in research: Volume 2, The researcher toolkit, Bernard Leer Foundation, 126-130.

Berriman, L. (2014) ‘Curating Digital Accounts of the Everyday’ in Woodfield, K. (ed.) Social Media in Social Research: Blogs on Blurring the Boundaries. NatCen Social Research & Sage.

Conference Papers/Presentations

Berriman, L. & Thomson, R. ‘The Day in a Life: A Method for Exploring Difference in Children’s Lives?’, presented at the Centre for Research on Families and Relationships International Conference: Unequal Families and Relationships. Edinburgh, June 13-15 2016.

Bragg, S. & Berriman, L. ‘Capturing and Curating Childhoods and Youth: Digital and Material Practices’, presented at the International Visual Methods Conference. Brighton, September 16-18 2015.

Thomson, R. ‘Call & response: breaking the fourth wall in qualitative longitudinal research’ invited paper at Researching relationships across generations and through time: celebratory conference for Professor Bren Neal, University of Leeds, June 9th 2015.

Bragg, S. ‘Young People, Schools, Digital Cultures and the ‘Face to Face”, presented at the Journal of Youth Studies Conference 2015: Contemporary Youth, Contemporary Risk. Copenhagen, March 30 – April 1 2015.

Thomson, R. ‘Call and response: beyond the 4th wall in psychosocial research’ Keynote address, Association of Psychosocial Studies annual conference, Preston, Dec 2014.

Thomson, R. & Berriman, L. ‘Spectacles of Intimacy? Mapping the Moral Landscape of Teenage Social Media’, presented at In/between Spaces: AHRC Subcultures Network Symposium: Liverpool John Moores University, September 5 2014

Berriman, L. ‘The ‘Face 2 Face’ Study: Some Reflections on Qualitative Longitudinal Methods’, presented at The 6th ESRC Research Methods Festival: St. Catherine’s College Oxford, July 8-10 2014 (Slides available here).

Thomson, R. & Berriman, L. ‘Spectacles of Intimacy? Mapping the Moral Landscape of Teenage Social Media’, presented at British Sociological Association (BSA) Conference: Changing Society 2014: University of Leeds, April 23-25 2014

Other Outputs

Sociology Review (2016)

Berriman, L. & Thomson, R. (February 2016). ‘Teenage Identities and Social Media’, Sociology Review (Volume 25).


Thomson, R. 2014. ‘Digital Childhoods’ [YouTube video], Professorial Public Lecture at the University of Sussex. Available from:

Berriman, L. 2014. ‘Face 2 Face: Tracing the Real and Mediated in Children’s Cultural Worlds’. [Podcast] NCRM Podcasts. Available from: