The Skills Companies are Hiring For (and how to learn them with LinkedIn Learning)

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A growing number of professionals are facing the tough task of finding their next opportunity in the midst of a global pandemic. For many, finding the next job opportunity might feel like the hardest job yet—especially now. 

The good news is that June showed hiring increases in many countries across the globe though those gains seem to slow in July.

To help job seekers stand out for their next job, we looked at the most sought after skills in job postings since June. 83% of job postings on LinkedIn in June – July, 2020 require at least one of the below top 10 skills. These are the skills that can help you stand out for the top remote jobs right now, like Software Engineer, Account Manager, Project Manager, and Sales Development Representative—and beyond.

Check out the top 10 skills companies are hiring for right now and courses to help you learn them. After you learn, consider adding these skills to your profile to help you stand out to recruiters! All of these courses are free through August 31st, 2020. 

1. Communication

Recommended courses: Communicating With Transparency*, Digital Body LanguageEffective Listening

2. Business Management

Recommended courses: Business Development: Strategic Planning*, Strategic Planning FoundationsHow to Innovate and Stay Relevant in Times of Change

3. Problem Solving

Recommended courses: Problem Solving Techniques*, Critical Thinking for Better Judgement and Decision Making

4. Data Science

Recommended courses: Data Science Foundations: Fundamentals*, Power BI Essential TrainingData Fluency: Exploring and Describing Data 

5. Data Storage Technologies

Recommended courses: AWS: Storage and Data Management*, Programming Foundations: DatabasesCert Prep: Storage and Peripherals

6. Technical Support

Recommended courses: IT Help Desk For Beginners*, Cert Prep: Understanding NetworksCert Prep: The World of TCP/IP

7. Leadership

Recommended courses: Leadership Mindsets*, Why Trust MattersTransformational Change

8. Project Management

Recommended courses: Cert Prep: Scrum Master*, Project Management FoundationsProject Management Foundations: Communication 

9. Digital Literacy 

Recommended courses: Microsoft Collaboration: SharePoint, Teams, and Groups*, Google Drive Essential TrainingLearning Excel Online (Office 365)

10. Employee Learning & Development

Recommended courses:Creating a Culture of Learning*, Rolling Out a DIBs Training Program in Your Company

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