Fantastic LinkedIn Learning resources for new students

Will you be arriving at Sussex in September?

Once you receive your Sussex username, you’ll be able to activate your FREE LinkedIn Learning account – an amazing resource for your time at Sussex, and a way to get a better profile in the workplace when you graduate.

There are loads of good reasons to be using LinkedIn Learning regularly while you’re at Sussex, including great courses on career planning, teamworking, study skills and IT skills.

Your LinkedIn profile is also given a boost each time you complete a course and add a badge to your profile.

Top 10 courses for new students

Once you’ve activated your account, check out these great courses…

  1. Learning Study Skills
  2. Managing your Time
  3. Managing Stress
  4. Overcoming your Fear of Public Speaking
  5. Digital Citizenship
  6. Internet Safety for Students
  7. Building Self-Confidence
  8. Improving your Memory
  9. Learning Speed Reading
  10. Building Resilience
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Favourite Five Time Saving Tips in Outlook

I’d like to share some less obvious features in Outlook which I use daily and belong in my Outlook Favourite Five.

Resend – allows me to open an old email, make changes to the text or addressees and then send. So much quicker than cut and paste.

Where I want to repeat certain steps Quick Steps lets me automate that so that a single click actions a task. I have set up several to tidy emails into various folders

I need to monitor a couple of email accounts and need to access particular folders frequently. By putting those folders into my Favourites I can easily see new emails, quickly jump to folders in high use or drag emails to common folders.

Switching between email and my diary can have a delay. If I Right click on Calendar and choose Open in New Window I can swap between email and calendar without waiting for calendars to load.

And finally, when I use search I often need to use the Search options to expand or narrow the folders and mailboxes that are searched. Use the drop down arrow to the right of the search box and then set the Search in to the most appropriate for this search location. See the images below for more information.

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Global Accessibility Awareness day – 20 May

Thursday, May 20, 2021, marks the tenth Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD). The purpose of GAAD is to get everyone talking, thinking and learning about digital access/inclusion and people with different disabilities

With this in mind IT Services would like to promote some of the tools which exist as part of the market leading software. Many software companies now promote accessibility by design. Read Aloud and Dictate are available in Microsoft 365 products. Chrome allows for any video shown through the browser to be automatically subtitled. Live captions/subtitles is an option within Microsoft Teams, PowerPoint in Microsoft 365 and the University of Sussex Zoom platform. IT Services have additional software to support learning such as the mind mapping tool Mindview.

Both Windows 10 and Mac OS have accessibility information pages.

We also recommend a visit to the University Technology Enhanced Learning Accessibility Toolkit or see their Blog for further information around the GAAD.

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Improve your IT Skills before you leave

With the end of Term fast approaching and thoughts turning to the summer, and perhaps working, I’d like to recommend you invest some time in your IT skills. Feeling more in control will relieve stress and frustration and hopefully make you more confident to face that Excel data analysis task you have or help designing that poster.

There are a range of Free training resources available to staff and students

  • LinkedIn Learning – Up your skill level in areas such as Excel, Adobe Photoshop, Interview Technique using the thousands on quality online videos. Completed courses show on your LinkedIn profile if you choose to. Courses can even be downloaded to watch offline so no need to gobble that data allowance.
  • Free short Webinars delivered by the IT Services Training Team give a fast track to essential skills and raise awareness of product features with an opportunity to ask an expert. Sign up for a live session or watch on demand on our Canvas page
Book IT Services Live Webinars
Book IT Services Live Webinars
Book via
DateTime FromCourse
Fri 07 May12.00Word – Using Automatic Table of contents & Footnotes for your Thesis and Dissertation – webinar
Mon 10 May12.00Excel for Beginners – webinar
Mon 10 May16.00PowerPoint Running a slick presentation – webinar
Tue 11 May12.00Microsoft Teams – Meeting Top Tips – webinar (staff and PG students only)
Tue 11 May15.00Excel Pivot Tables – webinar
Wed 12 May12.00Box – Getting to grips with Box file storage – webinar (staff only)
Fri 14 May11.00Word – Complex page numbering for your Thesis and Dissertation – webinar
Fri 14 May14.00Microsoft Teams Essentials Workshop – webinar (staff and PG students only)
Fri 21 May11.00Excel Working with data lists – webinar
Tue 25 May11.00Word – Using Automatic Table of contents & Footnotes for your Thesis and Dissertation – webinar
Tue 25 May15.00Excel Introduction to Functions – webinar
Wed 26 May14.00Work smarter and faster with Microsoft Teams – webinar demo (staff and PG students only)
Book at
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The six morning habits of high performers

Hundreds of people at Sussex log in to LinkedIn Learning every week, and lately one of the most popular courses has been The Six Morning Habits of High Performers:

How you begin the day can have a huge impact on how you feel and what you get done. Check out this course for some great advice!

Never logged into LinkedIn Learning? Set up your free account here.

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Quick tip! My top dozen Favourite Keystrokes

There are so many times when you are working on a PC and moving your hand to the mouse slows you down. That’s when I employ my keystrokes instead.

Here are my top dozen keystrokes for use on a PC – bakers dozen that is …

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Quick tip! Duplicate your browser tab

Ever been on a webpage when you need to go back to check something on a previous page but don’t want to lose this page?  Well you can! Right click on the Tab at the top and select Duplicate from the menu. You now have two identical tabs. Use the back button to return to the previous page.

Duplicate your browser tab by right clicking on the tab and selecting Duplicate
Duplicate you browser tab. Right click the tab and select Duplicate
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Microsoft free Events

Microsoft offer a extensive range of free events aimed at IT and business professionals, educators to enable them to extend their expertise. View the Events Catalogue or Browse by Category Join the Events Live or, for a limited time, watch many of the pre-recorded sessions.

Microsoft Global Events page with titles of Game Stack Live, Accenture and Microsoft Business Applications Summit
Microsoft Free Online Events

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New Webinar Dates Released

The IT Services Training Team have released the dates for their free webinars. Join us for Word, Excel and the two newly added PowerPoint sessions PowerPoint Quick Start and PowerPoint – Running a slick presentation.

With the end of the year approaching and interviews on the horizon make sure your PowerPoint skills keep you confident when delivering your presentations. If you can’t make the date then most webinars are recorded – see our Canvas site for information

Person sitting at desk with bubble saying IT Services Live webinars - book now
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LinkedIn Learning – Download and listen on the go

If you are travelling over Easter then why not take a LinkedIn Learning course with you? Install the LinkedIn Learning app on your mobile device, login and find yourself a course to download. It could be that a relaxation technique course (Relax your Brain or Wrist Massage) or a podcast on How to rock an interview would make an interesting change. Or there is photography or song writing. LinkedIn Learning is free to Sussex Students and Staff.

Reading a tablet
Download a LinkedIn Learning course and read anywhere
Sussex LinkedIn Learning site

For sign in information see the IT Services LinkedIn Learning page

Image: Anna Demianenko – Unsplash

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