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Fantastic LinkedIn Learning resources for new students

Will you be arriving at Sussex in September? Once you receive your Sussex username, you’ll be able to activate your FREE LinkedIn Learning account – an amazing resource for your time at Sussex, and a way to get a better

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The six morning habits of high performers

Hundreds of people at Sussex log in to LinkedIn Learning every week, and lately one of the most popular courses has been The Six Morning Habits of High Performers: How you begin the day can have a huge impact on

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Why you should make time every week for LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn has insights that nobody else has; after all, people around the world use LinkedIn to promote their skills and land their next job every day. Because of the data they have, LinkedIn can see trends in industries and they

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Make high quality graphics for free with Canva

You may know about Canva – a website that helps you design great graphics for the web, social media or presentations. It’s much easier to use than bulky, fully-featured apps like Adobe, and it’s available, for free, to anybody. You

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Supporting your well-being

At this time, it’s really important that we all look after ourselves and support our health and well-being. But where to begin? In case you didn’t know, everyone at Sussex has access to LinkedIn Learning. It’s a truly massive learning

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Career Cake: amazing (and free) career development courses

“Learn with the UK’s best employability platform, offering early career learning videos from the job search to that first promotion” Career Cake is an online platform for planning your career, preparing for interviews and taking all the right steps towards

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The Skills Companies are Hiring For (and how to learn them with LinkedIn Learning)

This article appeared on the LinkedIn Learning blog A growing number of professionals are facing the tough task of finding their next opportunity in the midst of a global pandemic. For many, finding the next job opportunity might feel like the hardest

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A test post

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