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Christmas time is here



so why not get in the spirit by getting some Christmas music (of sorts)… we will also be playing a gig at the Freebutt on the 23rd (along with the other bands) to celebrate the release God bless us, every one! Ant

Last gig of the year!



Ho Ho Ho etc, It’s that social event time of year, so why not cram another night into your no-doubt-already-packed schedules ; we’re playing the last Buzz Club of the year with 5 other great bands this coming Saturday 19th December, it’s free in, cheap booze, and an even better atmosphere than usual as it’s […]

Sol for Children in Need



As promised, I actually got Sol a proper costume for Children in Need on 20th November (also his 2nd Birthday). He got all dressed up for nursery and was promptly stalked by crazed toddlers who couldn’t quite believe Iggle Piggle was in their midst… Thank you in advance to anyone who sponsored him. I’ll be […]