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If anyone is interested…



my grandad, Jim Reed, will be on Meridian News on Monday 27th February at 6pm talking about a memorial he has setup in tribute to all of the boy sailors that were killed in action during WWII. The memorial is a carved stone plaque in the floor of  Portsmouth Cathedral, together with a book of remembrance containing  all 500 […]

Sainsburys/ Tesco Kids vouchers



Hi all, If you shop at Sainsburys or Tesco in the next few months you are going to be asked if you are collecting the Active Kids/Schools & Clubs Vouchers. Please can you say Yes! These vouchers help school and clubs such as Guides and Scouts to “buy” new sports equipment. For guides/Scouts especially this […]

Lennox Children’s Cancer Fund – Valentine Bear



Hi all, Lennox Children’s Cancer Fund have asked us to support them and raise money by guessing the name of the Valentine Bear. He/she is in the staff room and it’s £1 a go – just choose a name from those on the card and write your name in the box. The name of the […]

Modem Plea



Hi All, I wonder if anyone has an unwanted modem liying around that they’d like to be very kind and donate to me please? We just had a BT line installed via Orange and they didn’t supply anything but the line. Any other telecoms company I’ve dealt with have always supplied a modem, so it […]