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Gig! Tim Huzar! Band!



Colleagues! My band, The Red Diamond Dragon Club, will be playing a gig at the rather vulgarly named Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar on Saturday 9th March. Tickets cost £4. If you’d like one do send me an email ( If you’re planning on attending and are on Facebook, click here for the event. Tim x



There was a very interesting Storyville documentary ‘Google & the world brain’ on BBC4 on Monday evening detailing Google’s attempt at world bibliographic domination which will still be on the iPlayer for a while and is now in stock here: Tim H

Sainsbury’s Active Kids Vouchers



Do you shop in Sainsburys? Do you shake your head when asked “Are you collecting the vouchers for schools”? Well please don’t! The vouchers are used by schools, Scout and Girl Guiding Groups to ‘buy’ equipment for sports, cooking, extra curricular activities etc. This saves any funding to be used on more vital resources, and […]