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Newborn Baby/Childrens (up to age 4/5 years) Clothes



I have been left with with some excellent quality, good as new childrens clothing from our Church Fete back in July. If anyone is interested in seeing some samples, would they kindly e-mail the age range they are interested in. I will bring a selection in on Wednesday to put inside the staff room for […]

Low back health



There is a staff only session being run by the Sport Service on low back health. Go to for details on how to book. Please note that the staff only talk on low back health has now been changed. Go to for details

Tim Huzar’s latest musical endeavour



Hello Everyone! My current band The Red Diamond Dragon Club have released our debut EP: Vogue Gyratory. You can hear it here. You can also buy it there, but if you really want to give us money for it you may want to wait until the physical release in a month’s time. Tim