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Birthday post pay day drinks



Ladies and Gentleman, I cordially invite you all to help me commiserate, I mean celebrate, turning a year older. I thought perhaps we could have a few shandies after work on Friday 5th Feb at the Open House, just by London Road Station.  They do nice food and drinks and have lots of seats. I […]

Cath’s leaving do (part 2)!



As Alison mentioned when she sent out the invite for my ‘reception’ I’m planning on heading to IDS bar on Friday 12 February for a few sherberts if anyone cares to join me. It’s sort of my last day as finish on the Monday after. Bit more of a relaxed event – at least it […]

Free Gig!



Hello, My band is playing a FREE show at The FREEbutt on Saturday 30th Jan. alongside a blues-punk one-man ‘evangelist’ and a psychedelic doom-core band! Should be fun! It’s pay-day weekend, so please come down and have a wee drinkie… Ta Muchly, Sam x p.s. did I mention it’s FREE?…!

Hornblower Brothers gig on Monday 8th February



This will be our first gig of the new year… I also have tickets available for ₤3.50 if you come and see me. Thanks,  Ant

London Marathon 2010



Good day to you.  Mr Groves and I, Team Troving, will be running this years’ London marathon on the 25th April in aid of the marvellous charity Scope.    We’ve got 14 weeks to get into shape (Oh dear!) and are looking to raise 1700 pounds over that time.   Ant will place the sponsorship sheet […]

Baby Larcombe



Here is a message from Heather plus lovely pics… Mark and I are now the proud parents of another daughter. Lucy Mary Jean was born at home as planned at 00:01 on Christmas Day! Being at home meant she escaped the tradition at the Princess Royal Hospital of being placed in an elaborate lacy trimmed […]