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The evolution and development of the upright walking, talking, tool-using great ape

By Professor Gillian Forrester My research strives to understand how we became the upright walking, talking, tool-using great apes that we are today – both through the evolution of our species and through the development of infants. I study the

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Train over plane, Psychedelic breathwork & the Interdisciplinary Conference on Psychedelic Research 2022

By Guy Fincham As part of our school’s green commitment, we have launched a new ‘Train over Plane’ travel fund which supports travel to conferences by train instead of plane. PhD student, Guy Fincham, has been one of the first

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What’s in a word? Using speech marker to diagnose Alzheimer’s early

By Alice Stanton September was World Alzheimer’s Month, an international event run by Alzheimer’s Disease International to spread awareness and challenge the stigmas that surround Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Alzheimer’s is a degenerative neurological condition that is currently

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Annual conference of the ISPP, 2022: a delegate’s eye view

By Ian Hadden In the Summer, I attended the 2022 annual conference of the International Society of Political Psychology (ISPP). This took place over four days in a very sweaty Athens and was a pretty mad event, with over 850

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Dissertation to Publication: Barbershops as a setting for supporting men’s mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic

By Georgina Ogborn, BSc Psychology Graduate My third-year dissertation project at Sussex was the culmination of my university studies and an important step towards realising my ambition to work in the field of clinical psychology. My project investigated the topic

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The Finalist Party, a time to celebrate our BSc Graduates!

By Chloe Ilsley After several years of not being able to celebrate our graduates and their achievements, this year we were finally able to do so! On 21st July 2022, the Psychology Student Experience Team hosted the Finalist Party, and

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A PhD, public engagement event, and me

By Psychology PhD student, Louise Davidson The Science of Teamwork Teamwork is something that most of us engage in every day – for example, within a work team or a sports team. We know the members of our teams… their

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Michael Heap Interview

Psychology MRes student, Kev Sheldrake talks hypnosis theory, therapy and dissociation with retired clinical and forensic psychologist, Michael Heap. I’ve been aware of Michael Heap since I first came across the book The Highly Hypnotisable Person, of which Michael is

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Digital Mental Health: the past, present and future

By Dr Faith Matcham At the time of writing this, there were 52,564 healthcare and medical apps available to download on the Google Play store. According to a Deloitte report[1], global spending on mental health apps is likely to reach

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Age is just a number: Cross-generational conversations are more positive than you expect

By Dr Joshua Moreton Picture this: Walking through a park on a pleasant day, you decide to stop and rest on a park bench. However, only two benches are available, and both already have someone sitting there: one with someone

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