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Creating a society that works for autistic people: The ACoRNS Health webinar

By Ethan Lam and Prof Nicola Yuill The Autism Community Research Network Sussex was launched last year as a collaboration between Psychology and Education researchers at the University of Sussex and local autism stakeholders involved in education, health and social

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Spirit of Sussex Award -Psychology Nominees: Shannon Plant

The Spirit of Sussex Award (SoSA) Connector team has been in contact with Psychology students to highlight their impressive extra-curricular activities. This month the SOSA Connector team wish to highlight the activities of Shannon Plant, a second-year Psychology with Neuroscience student. 

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World Sleep Day 2021: 4 top tips for a good night’s sleep

Today is World Sleep Day, and this year’s focus is ‘Regular Sleep, Healthy Future’. Most of us have experienced the consequences of a bad night’s sleep at some point in our lives. It can make us grumpy and agitated, emotionally

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The Role of Collective Psychological Empowerment in the Capitol Insurrection

By Carina Hoerst On January 6 this year, Trump supporters gather in front of the White House to attend Donald Trump’s rally to “Stop the Steal”. Confederate and USA flags, together with those bearing “Trump 2020” and “Jesus saves” mark

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