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Primary school attendance problems in the context of Covid-19

By Brontë McDonald The Covid-19 pandemic has significantly disrupted the educational lives of children across the world. In the UK, the government attempted to curb the spread of the virus by closing schools for extended periods to most pupils apart

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World Sleep Day 2021: 4 top tips for a good night’s sleep

Today is World Sleep Day, and this year’s focus is ‘Regular Sleep, Healthy Future’. Most of us have experienced the consequences of a bad night’s sleep at some point in our lives. It can make us grumpy and agitated, emotionally

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What’s in a name? A Call to Abandon the Use of the Term ‘Abnormal Psychology’.

By Cassie Hazell Universities have a duty to provide quality education and training to those who want it, and create a community that reflects all the best parts of society.  Consequently, universities and their students have worked hard to stamp

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