Nothing works without energy, but our current energy systems face mounting economic, social and environmental pressures and must radically change if the world is to avoid dangerous climate change.

ID-100217431Creating sustainable energy systems will be a defining challenge for humanity in the 21st century and one that requires an understanding of the technological, economic and political dimensions of sustainable energy. This is the work of the The Sussex Energy Group.

We undertake academically rigorous, inter-disciplinary research that engages with policy-makers and practitioners. The aim of our research is to identify ways of achieving the transition to sustainable, low carbon energy systems whilst addressing other important policy objectives such as energy security. We have funding from a diverse array of sources and are a core partner in the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research and part of the UK Energy Research Centre.

As an inter-disciplinary group of researchers we have expertise and evidence based opinions on a wide range of current energy related issues, so we set up this blog to share them with those who share our interests.

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