Last week we met the Chief Executive of the Climate Change Committee. Here’s how it went.

On Wednesday 08 November the Sussex Energy Group held its annual keynote address – always a major event on the University of Sussex Business School’s calendar. This year we were fortunate  enough to have Chris Stark as our keynote speaker.

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A new framework shows how local buy-in can deliver net-zero transitions

A new framework is being launched this week that shows how fair and acceptable deployment of net-zero technologies can be delivered.

Local communities must be consulted about – and benefit from – large-scale decarbonisation industries built in their areas, researchers say.

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Sunak is right to call for an honest conversation, but his announcement yesterday was neither honest, nor a conversation

Why Rishi Sunak made yesterday’s announcement about delaying the ban on new petrol and diesel cars and weakening the gas boiler phase out is fairly obvious – an attempt to drive a wedge between the Conservatives and Labour. This strategy is also fairly obviously built on Tory success in using the ULEZ for this function in the Uxbridge by-election, and with the possibility that manipulation of social media can again play a part.

But the real question is why it has taken so long for such a strategy to emerge. The UK liberal economic model is built on flexible labour markets, for which read low pay and economic insecurity for a large section of the population, which in turn means that any suggestion of climate policies that impose costs on people is risky. The evidence is clear that people’s attention to these costs increases during phases of economic turmoil. At the same time, our first-past-the-post electoral system produces a highly competitive political culture and incentives for parties to attention to the demands of voters in marginal constituencies over delivering public goods.

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Uk government plans weaken action towards net Zero

The UK government watered down action to Net Zero in a speech by the Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on 20 September 2023. 

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Planning for economic recovery

By Dr Beatriz Aguirre-Martínez

In this post-Covid period, we need new investments in jobs and skills after a significant economic contraction. As part of a webinar series for the CREDS project, a team of researchers led by the Sussex Energy Groups’s Tim Foxon, examined how Brighton and the North of Tyne Combined Authority could use Local Green New Deals to provide this investment, while also responding to the Net Zero Challenge. Here’s what they found.

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