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Offshore wind: how to keep friends and not alienate people

The final design for the Rampion offshore wind farm, to be located off the coast of Brighton, was released last week. The final plans reveal a significant reduction in the size of the array. This is both good and bad

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‘Counting the cost’ report discusses the economic and social impact of electricity blackouts in the UK; but the BBC’s reporting misses the key issue.  

In a continuation of previous form, the BBC’s article on the ‘Counting the Cost’ report by the Royal Academy of Engineering has leapt upon the assertion that the cost of blackouts could be in the billions. However, the report points

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Is technological innovation sufficient to achieve a transition to a low-carbon energy system?

On Friday the 7th of November, the SPRU Friday seminar was given by Jim Skea of Imperial College, London. Jim is also Research Councils UK Energy Strategy Fellow, as well as a founding member of the UK Committee on Climate

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Didcot power station is yet another power station out of action, but what does this mean for UK security of supply this winter?

The fire last week at Didcot power station has led once again to cries of “the lights are going to go out this winter”. But people who ask whether or not the lights will go out are asking the wrong

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