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This website is home to an ongoing series of research projects exploring how we document ‘Everyday Childhoods’ in contemporary society, involving partnerships between the University of Sussex, the University of Brighton, the Open University and the Mass Observation Archive. On this website you can find out information about individual projects, including the ESRC ‘Face 2 Face’ and AHRC ‘Curating Childhoods’ studies, and also learn about ongoing research case studies with children and teenagers through a set of a interactive multimedia documents. This website also houses an ongoing blog where the research team will share thoughts and reflections as the projects unfold.

Update September 2017:
We’re excited to announce that our book, Researching Everyday Childhoods: Time, Technology and Documentation in a Digital Age, will be published by Bloomsbury Publishing in January 2018! The book is co-authored by Rachel Thomson, Liam Berriman and Sara Bragg, and includes contributions from other members of the project’s team and advisory group.


September 18th, 2014

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We’re very excited to announce that on 25th January 2018, our new book Researching Everyday Childhoods: Time, Technology and Documentation in a Digital Age will be published with Bloomsbury! (Available to pre-order here.) The book has been co-authored by Rachel Thomson, Liam Berriman and Sara Bragg, and includes contributions from the wider project team and project advisory group.       As well as being published in PB and HB, it will also be available as a gold open access ebook that you can download for free from OAPEN and Bloomsbury Collections.   As a sneak preview, here is the book’s cover and contents page: Foreword – David Buckingham. Ch1. Everyday childhoods: Time, technology and documentation – Thomson, Berriman & Bragg. Ch2. Recipes for documenting everyday lives and times – Thomson with Arnott, Hadfield, Kehily & Sharpe. Ch3. Protection, participation and ethical labour – Thomson with McGeeney. Ch4. Spectacles of intimacy: The moral landscape… Read More

September 29th, 2017

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Liam Berriman, Lecturer in Digital Humanities/Social Science Over the last couple of months I’ve been involved in the development of a project with colleagues at the Sussex Humanities Lab that will look at how we conduct participatory research with children and young people using digital devices. As part of the project we will explore new ways of using different computational methods to ‘hack’ digital devices in order to make participation in research more accessible to different groups of young people. One aspect of this study will look at how we might experiment with the affordances of digital devices as ‘research tools’ in order to re-configure how they are used and the kinds of data they generate. During the last decade, digital devices have become popular research tools for participatory and ethnographic research with young people. A great deal of participatory youth research now involves researchers and/or participants taking photographs or… Read More

April 23rd, 2016

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