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AU Law and Policy against Corruption

According to the 2018 African Union Commission Report, Africa loses USD$60 billion each year due to corruption and illicit financial flows. In this blog post, Prof. Hajer Gueldich, Professor in Law at the University of Carthage, Tunisia, examines the African

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“Merit” and “Corruption” in the African Higher Education System: Legal and Policy Reflections and Beyond

The higher education sector in Africa is blighted by several varieties of corruption, relating to grading, access to education, and involving various forms of influence ranging from gift-giving to sextortion. In this blog post, Dr Cristiano D’Orsi, Senior Research Fellow

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Corruption in the land sector in Africa

Rights over land are one of the most fundamental property rights, but remain severely contested in many parts of Africa. In this post, Robert Home, Emeritus Professor in Land Management, Anglia Ruskin University, UK, details the impact of colonial legacies

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Linking transnational crime with corruption in developing states: Human Trafficking and Illegal Trade in Wildlife

Corruption and organised crime often go hand-in-hand. Professor Michèle Olivier, Associate Professor and Chair of Law at Dar Al-Hekma University, describes the nexus between these two phenomena in developing countries through the lens of human trafficking and the illicit wildlife

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Commend and Condemn: A Strategy for Combating Corruption in Africa

Corruption is one of the most significant obstacles to Africa’s future development. Dan Kuwali, Extraordinary Professor of International Law at the University of Pretoria, highlights the factors that allow corruption to flourish in African and presents a ten-point “commend and

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Introduction to a new blog series: Combatting corruption in Africa and the role of the African Union

In this post, Dr Femi Amao (Reader in Law, University of Sussex), Dr Eki Omorogbe (University of Leicester, Lecturer & founder and co-chair of the International Law and Policy in Africa Network (ILPAN)) and Dr Adaeze Okoye (Principal Lecturer, University of Brighton) introduce

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