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Yearly Archives: 2010

Introduction to the Me2U project – Echo360 personal capture for student learning

In August 2010, a proposal submitted by a team from the University of Sussex, UK was awarded funding as part of the Echo360 grants programme. The project, called ‘Me2U’ (on reflection, a title perhaps too close to the  Chuckle Brothers catchphrase), has set out to investigate the ways in which the personal capture version of […]

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Moodle developments – adding pedagogical context to selecting resources and activities

Moodle has a plethora of options of types of learning materials a tutor can add to their site. Anyone editing in moodle is used to two very familiar drop down menus as the main methods for adding content. Add a resource Add an activity The problem Examining the sites tutors built at Sussex showed us […]

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Moodle Developments – File upload & management pt1

As a large HE  using moodle one of the main problems our Staff and Tutors have with moodle is file management. On a daily basis our tutors, academics and staff use our moodle install at Sussex to add pdfs, powerpoints, word docs and other teaching materials to their sites in order to make them available […]

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2010 Study Direct landing page

Again, following a usability study of our moodle install Study Direct at the University of Sussex the team began to make some improvements to the ‘Your sites’ page which lists the course sites users have access to. Sites by year At Sussex a site for each course is created each year, with Students and Tutors […]

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2010 Study Direct login page

For Autumn 2010 the Study Direct team have been making  changes to the way Study Direct looks and works to start to improve some the usability problems users have with the website. 2009 login page The 2009 login page contained a lot of information and images, which pushed the actual login box down quite far […]

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