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Where is my feedback?

Tutors give feedback to formal assessments via our student administrative system. Up until March this year the students accessed this feedback through the same system. Now we have now added a new view of the data through our learning system (Moodle). Why did we bother? We feel assessments are core to students’ learning. They’re often the motivation […]

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Making Moodle a scaleable enterprise solution

An early task after installing Moodle is to integrate as much existing data held within an institution that would be helpful in the virtual learning environment (VLE) context.  Even though Sussex has had an institutional Moodle installation since 2006 there are still many possibilities for further integration. Pre-existing Sussex systems Sussex has a history of ORACLE development […]

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Teaching groups imported into Moodle

At Sussex our course modules may have a number of teaching activities, including : seminars tutorials workshops laboratory classes Each of these might split a module cohort into groups. We call these teaching groups. Like our course modules at Sussex, Moodle has a notion of groups and teaching groups which they call ‘groupings’. Using these groupings […]

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