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Improvised Comedy classes for the terrified



Hello everyone

The Improv comedy group I’m in is offering courses to the absolute beginner.  Improv is great fun and I believe pretty much anyone can do it. 

Here are the details:  

Would you like to try comedy? Does it seem too scary?!

Anyone can do comedy; it’s all about the right games, support and encouragement.

This is a course you can sign up to knowing that you can choose to do what you’d like. We’ll encourage, but never pressure you.

You are invited to join the ‘Fishes’ coach Ian and performer Thea, who understand this very well. As experienced trainers, and people who have found improvised comedy terrifying themselves, they know how you feel and have decided to run a short course for you.

This weekly course begins on June the 9th for 4 weeks.

You will:

Learn the basics of improvised comedy.

Play lots of fun games 

Discover ways of standing in front of an audience and relaxing

Get loads of help and encouragement

Find out that you can be funny! 

Cost: £36

Place: Central Brighton (to be confirmed)

Time: 7.30-9.30pm

For more information, to have a chat with us or to book a place please email: or call: 07790 472446.


Simon T

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