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Brighton Improv



Hi everyone, mine and Holly’s group, A fish Called Improv, are starting a weekly residency Upstairs at the Temple bar this Thursday (5th August).

All our work-in-progress shows in August are FREE and start at 8pm.  Please come along to have a laugh and, if you like, give us your views.

We have shows at 7pm on Sundays too starting this Sunday (8th August).  These shows are in a ‘Whose Line is it anyway?’ style and are performed by a variety of new and seasoned improv performers from Brighton and beyond.

Finally if you yourself or you know of anyone who has done a bit of improv or acting or public performance and would like to explore comedy improv more please can you point them in the direction of our Performers Workshops that run between 4 and 6pm on Sunday each week.

All information for Improv Upstairs at the Temple Bar can be found at at the Brighton Improv page.

Or for updates see @improvfish

Thanks for reading.


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