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100K Walk Completed!



Thanks to everyone who sponsored us for our 100K walk which took place last weekend.   We completed the walk in 29 hours and 51 minutes and actually had to summon up something pertaining to a rush in the last hour or so to get through the finish line in time. (My fault of course – note to self – try not to endure extremely physical challenges whilst being 4 stone over weight!  Ha, ha.)

I think both Adam and I agree it is the hardest physical challenge we have ever taken on.

I’m not sure if I speak for Adam, but I definitely speak for myself, when I say:  Never Again!  No, come to think of it, I think I can safely speak for Adam in that regard.  Never Again!

I will be asking for your sponsorship money over the next couple of weeks and we shall do another blog with lovely pictures and fuller report about the ordeal soon.

Thanks again for your massive support.  You have been amazingly generous.

Simon T (and on behalf of Adam H)

One Response to “100K Walk Completed!”

  1. Adam Harwood says:

    I can indeed confirm Simon’s assertion that I will never do anything like this ever again! (Except when I forget how painful this all was and stupidly agree to do something else equally as challenging!)

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