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Tools for Local Government Net-Zero Decision Making

There is a legal requirement in the UK to eradicate greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change by 2050. While central government provides the national policy framework, local authorities undertake many activities and service provisions. However, the level of

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Automated job interviews and the implications for young jobseekers

The role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in our everyday lives is extensive. It is used in everything and everywhere: from taking an Uber to emailing or managing University coursework. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that AI has infiltrated

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The role of digital health platforms in re-skilling healthcare professionals in developing countries

Digital health platforms have the potential to establish and develop medical professionalism in developing countries, especially where continuous professional development opportunities are scarce or under-developed. A new policy brief by Drs Dimitra Petrakaki and Petros Chamakiotis examines how this can

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Political economy insights for science system transformations in sub-Saharan Africa

Science, technology and innovation (STI) systems in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) play a crucial role in addressing a range of development challenges. However, building and strengthening STI systems in SSA is as much a political and economic challenge as it is

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New study reveals flaws in UK Coronavirus testing system after comparison with other countries

A new research study helps to explain the inadequate performance of NHS Test and Trace described by Dido Harding at a House of Commons Science & Technology committee evidence session in September, through direct comparison with how similar services are

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