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Tools for Local Government Net-Zero Decision Making

There is a legal requirement in the UK to eradicate greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change by 2050. While central government provides the national policy framework, local authorities undertake many activities and service provisions. However, the level of

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Enhancing crop-livestock integration for more inclusive development in Rwanda

There is a renewed interest in agricultural intensification and the transformation of the livelihoods of subsistence farmers in sub-Saharan Africa. The government of Rwanda, for example, is promoting intensification as a central strategy to increase incomes and improve food security

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No one can put the local energy genie back in the bottle now

By Marie Claire Brisbois Lecturer in Energy Policy (SPRU – Science Policy Research Unit) University of Sussex. With the development of renewable energy sources, decentralised energy production is becoming more prevalent and its rapid expansion is disrupting politics in the

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Accelerating the adoption of Electric Vehicles in Europe

A new policy brief by the Centre on Innovation and Energy Demand (CIED) Director Professor Benjamin Sovacool and Aarhus University colleagues Gerardo Zarazua de Rubens and Lance Noel looks at the barriers to the spread of electric vehicles (EVs) and makes

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Exploring the meaning of ‘energy security’ in the United Kingdom

By Claire Copeland, Research Assistant, Policy@Sussex SPRU researcher Emily Cox has conducted a thorough analysis of what is meant by the term “energy security” in the UK. In this policy brief she examines a range of definitions with implications for

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Nuclear industry in the UK: Back to the future?

By Claire Carter, Research Assistant for Policy@Sussex In the 50th anniversary year of SPRU (Science Policy Research Unit, University of Sussex), Dr Phil Johnstone looks at the history of its research in the UK nuclear sector. In light of the government’s

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