The Undergraduate Student Mentor Scheme


 We’re the new Psychology Undergraduate Student Mentors. We are second and third year undergraduate students who have been trained to provide information and support to other students in the School of Psychology.
We can offer information and support on a range of academic issues, we include an international student and a mature student, so we hope between us to be able to cover anything that comes up for you:

Elle and Alex at a mentoring session in the Bridge Cafe

Elle and Alex at a mentoring session in the Bridge Cafe

  • Come and have a cup of tea with us in the Bridge Cafe – this semester we’re there every Tuesday and Thursday 3-4pm
  • We can discuss active learning strategies with you and help you to develop your study skills (e.g. how to prepare for seminars, types of revision strategies, how to manage your time)
  • We can help you find your way around campus and know where to go for academic support (e.g. finding your way around the library, where to go for IT help, finding quiet study spaces)
  • We can help you to make the most of the academic support in your school (e.g. how to prepare for a meeting with your academic advisor, how to make the most of you tutor’s office hours)
  • We can show you how to proofread your own work but cannot proofread your work for you

There are some areas that we do not cover:

  • Mentors cannot teach you your course material; you should contact your tutors or your academic advisor if you are struggling with your academic work.
  • Mentors cannot give advice or guidance on personal matters, but we can help you with where to go for more support; you can always talk to a Student Life Advisor at the Student Life Centre. You can book an appointment via the Study tab on your Sussex Direct page

You can talk confidentially to a mentor: however if a mentor is concerned about something that you tell them, we will pass on our concerns to their manager, the Director of Student Experience or the Student Life Centre to ensure you get the proper support. If you have a complaint about your mentor or your experience of mentoring you should contact the Director of Student Experience.

You can contact mentors using the Sussex email, we can offer you support by email, or arrange to meet you on campus.

We look forward to working with you!

Best wishes

Elle, Claire, Kirsty, Maddie, Alice, Giulia, Alex




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