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Horses read human facial expressions of emotion – Sussex Research

By Amy Smith Undeniably, horses have funny faces. Long nose, eyes on the sides of the head, wiggly ears…morphologically they look very different to humans, yet it turns out they are pretty good at looking across the species barrier to

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Drought in California: When climate change affects the USA

By Sarah Becker   As part of one of my PhD research studies I conducted a 10 week interview-based study in California to talk to people about their experience of the ongoing drought and how they thought it related to

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The Bird Lab in the Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting

By Christiane Oedekoven In the Episodic Memory Group (also known as the Bird lab,, we are interested in how people remember events and how that is reflected in underlying brain functions. During our recent visit to the annual meeting

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Can meditation make you less prejudiced?

By Xander Stell Although meditation and related practices once were considered too ‘esoteric’ to study scientifically, research on these topics has burgeoned within psychology and neuroscience. This is, in part, because meditation has been linked to a raft of positive outcomes such as greater

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Do multiple Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) lead to anxiety and depression in later life?

By Ellen Thompson I recently had the honour of winning The Best Poster Award at the 2015 Psychology student poster conference! I have just commenced the second year of my PhD (how time flies!) and wanted to take this opportunity

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5 Minutes Thesis Competition

On Friday 4th September, we held a 5 Minute Thesis competition for doctoral students, where speakers explained their research to a non-specialist audience within just five minutes. We applied for funding from the Researcher Led Initiative run by the Sussex

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Psychology PhD Poster Conference 2015

At the start of every academic year, PhD students moving from Year 1 to Year 2 of their studies are asked to prepare a poster presentation of their research to date. This year it will be held on Wednesday 30th

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