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We Need a Lorry-Load of Energy Savings; in the new ECO, the Government Delivers a Hatchback

by Jan Rosenow and Richard Cowart The United Kingdom was once a world leader in energy savings. We proved that investing in buildings, insulating lofts, and switching to efficient boilers, motors, and lighting created jobs, saved money, and lowered the

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Energy Efficiency: Time to get out of reverse gear

by Jan Rosenow & Richard Cowart In recent years across the UK, citizens, government, and the business community have all demonstrated a willingness to lead the world in the fight against climate change.  So the mystery today is – why

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What would Brexit mean for UK energy efficiency policy?

Only 10 weeks and UK voters will make the most profound decision of this decade – will Britain stay or leave the European Union? There have been numerous analyses of what the implications of a so-called Brexit might be. Those

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How do EU Member States implement Article 7 of the Energy Efficiency Directive?

The European Parliament commissioned Dr Tina Fawcett from Oxford University and I in my capacity as Senior Research Fellow at the Science Policy Research Unit to write a report on how EU Member States have implemented Article 7 of the

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CIED gives evidence to the ECC on Home Energy Efficiency and demand reduction

I recently gave oral evidence, on behalf of the Centre on Innovation and Energy Demand, to the House of Commons’ Energy and Climate Change Committee responding to the inquiry into home energy efficiency and demand reduction. This was based on

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