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Don’t fix women or numbers, fix the system!

Catherine Mitchell famously argued in 2014 that the energy sector is very illustrative of the inequalities that characterize UK research institutions – minimal women presence in a space dominated by older and white males – with worrying effects on diversity

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Multi regime interactions between UK infrastructure sectors

Research Fellow, Dr. Ralitsa Hiteva, focuses in this blogpost on the importance of learning more about the interactions between several sectors at the heart of governing infrastructure independencies, and argues for better co-ordination between them.

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EU renewable energy policy: looking beyond leaders, laggards and political will

With a lot of interim targets for the EU 2020 agenda already behind us the time has come to evaluate what Member States have achieved so far and what still needs to be done to meet the renewable energy targets

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Highlights from the UK Infrastructure Transitions Research Consortium Launch Event

By Dr. Ralitsa Hiteva I work as a Research Fellow for the UK Infrastructure Transitions Research Consortium (ITRC). Fresh out of my PhD, this is my first post-doctoral research job and, having recently attended the launch event of the first

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