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Place-based business models for Net Zero in Sussex. How do we make these happen and work for Sussex?

Achieving Net Zero has become a hot topic across many regions, cities and businesses in the UK. A focal point of discussion during COP 26, Net Zero is rapidly turning into a powerful imaginary of technologies, innovative solutions and possible

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SEG responds to Government inquiry into the future of the UK electricity infrastructure

Dr Ralitsa Hiteva has written a blog about the recently submitted SEG Response to the Energy and Climate Change Committee’s inquiry into the future of the UK electricity infrastructure.  In November 2015, the Sussex Energy Group submitted written evidence to the Energy and

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Are concepts like Europeanisation and multi-level governance still useful in thinking about energy policy in Europe?

Reflections on the inaugural UACES CRN EU Energy Policy workshop by Ralitsa Hiteva   I was lucky enough to take part of the UACES (The academic association for contemporary European Studies) Collaborative Research Network’s (CRN) inaugural EU Energy Policy workshop

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Prof Jim Watson’s UKERC blog: Would a Global Apollo Programme deliver the low carbon innovation we need?

Introduction to Jim Watson’s blog by Dr Ralitsa Hiteva The Global Apollo Programme to Combat Climate Change report  which came out last week warns: “We are in danger”; “The perils of our current course”; “The dangerous shortfall in RD&D”. The

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Don’t fix women or numbers, fix the system!

Catherine Mitchell famously argued in 2014 that the energy sector is very illustrative of the inequalities that characterize UK research institutions – minimal women presence in a space dominated by older and white males – with worrying effects on diversity

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