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Paula Kivimaa (SPRU) – Energy services for improved building energy efficiency in Finland: taking an energy service company perspective on policy

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The building sector and the built environment are one of the largest contributors to energy use worldwide and reducing energy use in buildings is slow. Thus, low energy transition in connection to buildings is an enormous challenge. Yet, in Finland, improved energy efficiency has traditionally received less focus in climate policy strategies than renewable energy. Since 2007, energy efficiency policies addressing buildings have gained force on both strategy and instrument levels– largely following the EU Building Energy Efficiency Directive and the goals for reducing emissions by 80% by 2050. Sixteen new policy instruments have been added between 2007 and 2014 in addition to revisions made in the building code

In the seminar, I analyse the potential of the policy mix in Finland in promoting disruptive change for low energy transition in buildings. I explore to what extent recent policy developments could be described as having destabilised the regime. In addition to providing an overall picture of the policy mix in the sector, I investigate the existing policy mix especially from a stakeholder perspective, because the perceived impacts of policies may differ from their intended outcomes. Companies providing integrated energy services for renovated and newly built buildings are selected as the key stakeholder group, as they are more borderline actors in the sector dominated by construction companies.

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