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Post-Pandemic Blended Learning: Embodied and Agentic Potential

By Victoria Grace Walden, Senior Lecturer, Director of Learning Enhancement So often online learning is discussed as a ‘deficit’ model (Darabi et al 2010, 216). It is compared to in-person, campus teaching, which it can never be identical too, therefore

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Communicating Visually

By John Walker, Lecturer in British Sign Language I strongly recommend watching the video to see the significance of visual communication illustrated. If the subtitles do not appear immediately, please hover your mouse over the bottom of the video screen

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Critical Embodied Pedagogy

By Lisa Peck, Senior Lecturer in Theatre Practice. The exercise ‘Caretaking’, developed by the late Ali Hodge, involves a group working together to support one central player. In an empty studio this person wears a veil over their head to

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