Academic milestones

  • Getting into Sussex.

To start with, getting into Sussex was a big milestone for me. I got in at the last minute through clearing (and I’m very glad I did!).

  • Doing the SAGE program.

The SAGE program has been great; it has really improved my ability to communicate and write and publish content such as these blog posts and the accompanying social media posts.

  • End of Second Year.

Like First Year, Second Year was an exhaustive overview of both the theoretical and research sides of psychology, and a great balance of challenging and enjoyable. I made friends and passed with a 2:1.

  • End of Third Year.

Third year has been really challenging, but it has been great as I’ve had a chance to specialise in more niche modules that particularly interest me (such as Self-Regulation). This obviously also includes my dissertation, which has required much more independent study than other modules but has also been rewarding. I have just two weeks left of assignments/exams (fingers crossed!).