Meet the SAGE students

Meet our current SAGE students for 2016-2019, Andre and Ollie.  Get to know a bit more about them below.


Hey readers! I’m Andre, a final year Undergraduate Geographer here at Sussex Uni. I previously did a foundation year in Social Sciences at Sussex so this is essentially my second time round at the first year of university. With this experience I will be feeding you with all the information, tips, do’s and don’ts of university life and the best way to make it through to summer all in one piece. I hope you enjoy what we have in store for you!


Hi, I’m Ollie. I’m a final year psychology and business management student. My posts focus on studying, with tips on how to get the most out of university.

You can also read posts from past SAGE students, including Aly, Jade, Isabelle, Lucy, and Lenart.