Top 10 Revision and Exam Tips for Undergraduates

Start your revision as soon as possible It goes without saying, the sooner you start your revision, the more time you have to retain information ahead of the upcoming exam. That being said, if you are starting a couple of months before the exam it is important to always go back and revisit the start … Continue reading Top 10 Revision and Exam Tips for Undergraduates

The Importance of Mentoring to Undergraduates

As part of our collaboration with the hive scholars, we are discussing our experiences with mentoring. Mentoring is an invaluable resource to undergraduates throughout their degree; it is also an art only some can master. Mentors don't just answer your questions, but they assist you in overcoming obstacles, and encourage you to think, work through … Continue reading The Importance of Mentoring to Undergraduates

Critical Thinking, Tom Chatfield – An Honest Review

Initial Thoughts and Impressions: The cover and overall appearance of the book does not scream textbook rather it replicates a similar vibe to the wreck this journal by Keri Smith. - It is simplistic, yet eye-catching due to the vibrant yellow and mimics that of a an old school work book. Upon flicking through the … Continue reading Critical Thinking, Tom Chatfield – An Honest Review

Focus Group: learning resources

Shortly after the Easter break we decided to find out what influenced students when buying and using resources. Our results showed similar patterns to previous surveys we had sent out, as well as highlighting new ideas and issues we hadn’t come across. We broke down the focus group into four sections; text buying, learning features, … Continue reading Focus Group: learning resources

Personalised Learning

Knowing your individual learning style is really important, as we all process information differently; your learning style is often consistent throughout your life, and once you know how you learn best you can adapt your revision techniques accordingly. For example, though I often forget to fully utilise my learning style in a way that most … Continue reading Personalised Learning