Survey: Fancy winning a £20 book token and book bundle worth £50

If you’re looking for the chance to win a £20 book token and a book bundle worth £50 by SAGE publications please fill in the short survey below! The survey is looking at pre-arrival reading for second year undergraduate students for 2017-2018. We have written about our own pre-arrival reading experiences and want to know … Continue reading Survey: Fancy winning a £20 book token and book bundle worth £50

Focus Group: learning resources

Shortly after the Easter break we decided to find out what influenced students when buying and using resources. Our results showed similar patterns to previous surveys we had sent out, as well as highlighting new ideas and issues we hadn’t come across. We broke down the focus group into four sections; text buying, learning features, … Continue reading Focus Group: learning resources

Personalised Learning

Knowing your individual learning style is really important, as we all process information differently; your learning style is often consistent throughout your life, and once you know how you learn best you can adapt your revision techniques accordingly. For example, though I often forget to fully utilise my learning style in a way that most … Continue reading Personalised Learning

Top ten tips for preparing for an assessment

No matter what year of university you are in, you will definitely have a variety of different types of assessments throughout the year. Here are ten brilliant tips to help with time management, motivation and getting that initial kick-start. 1. Start early! Whatever type of assessment you have looming it is always a good idea … Continue reading Top ten tips for preparing for an assessment

Quick tips for finding essay materials

For me, one of the most stressful things as a Psych student is finding references papers for essays. At A-Level I could pretty much get away with typing a subject matter into google, and pull information from random pages without it needing to meet any specific criteria or needing to reference it. *Melodramatic sigh*… Those were … Continue reading Quick tips for finding essay materials