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December 2014


Foreword by Florian Kern and Gordon MacKerron

 Welcome to the last SEG newsletter in 2014.

After what was a very busy year, we wish everyone a good Christmas and all the best for 2015.

Over the last few months energy and climate policy debates have become more polarized as we approach the May 2015 General Election. Progress with low carbon options has faltered, with threats to the future of onshore wind, reduced investment plans for offshore wind and a long, drawn-out process over the proposed Hinkley Point nuclear development. Globally momentum seems to be building up towards a possible climate deal in Paris next year and planning for our international engagement around the COP has already started.

At SEG, Gordon MacKerron now co-directs with Florian Kern, allowing Steve Sorrell more time to direct CIED, which includes contributions from Manchester and Oxford as well as a large cohort of researchers at SPRU.
We are hopeful that our search for a new long-term Director and Professor of Energy Policy is close to completion, with a new round of interviews soon to take place, though a new Director cannot be in place before May at the earliest. Recruitment for CIED continues with interviews for a Senior Research Fellow having taken place last week and more interviews scheduled for this week.  Read more

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