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The University of Sussex Library Legacy collection

A diverse collection of over 20,000 documents, pamphlets, books and reports which have been collected by the Library since it opened in 1964 From local to national, the well known to little known organisations the collection covers a huge range of subjects.

To aid discovery the collection is split into 8 themes:

  • Gender Studies and Feminism
  • Popular and Counter Cultures
  • Post WW2 World Order
  • Political Movements and Parties
  • Trade Unions
  • Social Movements
  • Social Welfare
  • War

There are hundreds of LGBTQAI+ journals and books from the personal libraries of Rosey Pool and Harvey Matusow (see our previous posts to learn more about the unique character that is Harvey Matusow)

  • Front cover of pamphlet Women where are your jobs going
  • Front cover of The Abolitionist - a quarterly journal from Radical alternatives to prison - Summer 1979
  • Front cover of Battling for copyright - freelance journalists versus the media conglomerates
  • Front cover of Asian girls group
  • Front cover of Heads together by Frank Beswick M.P. - A discussion of the worker's place in industry
  • Front cover of Report of conference on a minimum wage - National anti-sweating league
  • Front cover of What the schools say about the cuts
  • Front cover of Toryism road to chaos
  • Front cover of Ginger - the magazine for one parent families, June 1981, No.56
  • Front cover of FACT the Labour party monthly - April 1951
  • Picture of The young say yes pamphlet
  • Front cover of the story of farm tools - Young farmer's club
  • Front cover of END Journal of European nuclear disarmament - Issue 14 Feb-Mar 1985
  • Front cover of END - Journal of European nuclear disarmament - Issue 7 Dec 1983-Jan 1984
  • Front cover of Story of a school
  • Front cover of NUS voice of the students
  • Front cover of A charter of protection? A pilot study of the working domestic violence and matrimonial proceedings act 1976 by Jane Ansell
  • Front cover of Britain's social services today and tomorrow by Arthur Wauters
  • Front cover of NUS on the attack - an introduction to National Union of Students 1972-1973
  • Front cover of Our women - go forward to the world they want
  • Front cover of Britain reborn No.5 Men and money - The Co-operative party

A rich resource for research, available to all Library users.

Work to catalogue all Legacy items continues in earnest, all catalogued items can be found on Library search and requested to be viewed in our Legacy reading room.

If you would like more information about the collection email library.collectiondevelopment@sussex.ac.uk

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