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Using Archives to Explore the Ethics of Writing Fiction Around Trauma

A collection of letters and photos from the Cymer papers

By Karina Evans When I was told I would need to undertake a placement on my Creative Writing MA, I was flummoxed. I knew I wanted every module to push me to my creative limits, but how to find a

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Using AI to Explore Collections at the University of Sussex

We’re excited to share some groundbreaking work our systems librarian Tim Graves has been doing in collaboration with Danny Millum from our Collections team and DISCUS, the Data Intensive Science Center on campus. His focus has been on leveraging the

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Theatre and Academia: How the Library Enhances Your Performing Arts Education

A woman standing, reading from a script and holding her hand aloft.

The heart of theatre lies in storytelling, and our Library is a treasure trove of playtexts waiting to be explored. From timeless classics to contemporary works, the Library facilitates access to an extensive collection that spans genres, eras, and cultures. These scripts not only serve as material for productions but also provide a window into diverse narratives and styles, broadening your horizons and igniting your creativity.

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“I am not Interested in the Coronation”: Similarities and Dissimilarities in Mass Observation’s 12th May Diaries from 1937 and 2023.

A scan of a colour photograph of a long picnic table. It is covered in a white table cloth and red, white and blue decorations. It is covered in food, forming part of a street party.

Reposted from the Mass Observation website By Emily Calcraft Introduction On 12th May 1937 a Day Survey Respondent from Oldham stated: ‘I am not interested in the Coronation and regard all the fuss as artificial and irrational’. In May 2023,

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