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Using AI to Explore Collections at the University of Sussex

We’re excited to share some groundbreaking work our systems librarian Tim Graves has been doing in collaboration with Danny Millum from our Collections team and DISCUS, the Data Intensive Science Center on campus. His focus has been on leveraging the

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What’s going on in the Library Wellbeing Area? – Connector Programme

A student draws a window painting on the glass windows looking into the Wellbeing area.

Exciting changes are happening!  The Library Wellbeing Area is currently under redevelopment with the help of four Student Connectors, Katie, Elena, Mariola and Chloe.  Established two years ago, the Wellbeing Area has been a great addition to the library and

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Apply the skill of critical thinking: how to identify deepfake videos

Mark Zuckerberg in a 'deepfake' image.

“Facts matter: we need to know that the information we are using is credible (or, more accurately, we should be aware when it is not).”

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Rosey Pool (1905-71) exhibition

Black and white still of Rosey Pool (1905-71) sat at a table with a copy of her book and a drink.

Our exhibition of Rosey Pool’s personal book collection is now open on the ground floor of the library (at the bottom of the main staircase), created by Assistant Library Officer, Elsa van Helfteren.

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Unleash The Power Of Ai: The Future Of Video Creation

From translating videos into multiple languages effortlessly to creating lifelike avatars and cloning voices, AI is reshaping the way we communicate through videos. Join our Systems Librarian, Tim, on a journey through the cutting-edge technology that’s shaping the future of

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AI productivity tips from a librarian who prefers words over spreadsheets

AI generated Librarian creating a spreadsheet.

By Tim Graves Spreadsheets. Comma separated files. Databases. Endless columns of data scrolling away vertically and horizontally. I bet you love them, eh? In my last blog post I talked about how Artificial Intelligence has been saving me time with

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100 years of Radio Times: Celebrating a century of Christmas covers

December 1923, issue number 13 of the Radio Times with a colour illustration of a smartly dressed family sitting by the fire listening to Love's Old Sweet Song/Just a Song at Twilight on the wireless.

By Lindsay Crook There aren’t many magazine publications that can claim they are 100 years old, but the Radio Times achieved this incredible milestone in 2023.  The Keep holds an extensive collection of the periodical – the world’s first ever

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Unboxing and Mapping Black History in Sussex Library Legacy Collections

JRA Myisha Box with her poster: Mapping Sussex University Library’s Black History Archives

Reposted from Decolonial Maps blog by Alice Corble. This summer the Library was blessed to host its first Junior Research Associate (JRA): Myisha Box (History and International Relations BA student, now in her final year). The project was supervised by Gavin Mensah Coker

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The Power of Poetry and Living Libraries for Decolonial Dialogue

Jenny Mitchell and Erin James in conversation at The Power of Poetry and Living Libraries event

Reposted on from Decolonial Maps of Library Learning blog 31 October 2023 by Alice Corble. As Black History Month draws to a close (yet Black History must continue to be shared) and I adjust to the turn of the season and new positions, I

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Oil Crisis or Oil Revolution? Using the Sussex Library collections to explore contrasting contemporary Global South and Global North views of the October 1973 OPEC embargo


by Beth Collard and Danny Millum Before we start – a confession. This title and thesis (such as it is!) of this month’s post has been almost completely plagiarised from The Dig podcast episode ‘The Rise of OPEC’. In it Giuliano

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