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The Power of AI and Image Generation

With new software becoming available all the time, could AI text-to-image tools redefine how we create and use images at work? Join our Systems Librarian, Tim, as he uses software that is freely available to staff to explore creating AI-generated

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The Jeremy Hutchinson QC archive: Britain’s foremost criminal barrister

A pile of photos showing Jeremy Hutchinson. All are in black and white. Some show family photos. The largest three are pos ed portraits showing Hutchinson wearing a Naval uniform, a suit and tie, and the wig and bands of a QC.

By Alexander Taylor Hello, it’s Alexander with the second in a series of three blog posts on the Jeremy Hutchinson QC archive. This one will highlight Jeremy’s illustrious career at the Bar as one of Britain’s most formidable advocates. The

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Apply the skill of critical thinking: how to identify deepfake videos

Mark Zuckerberg in a 'deepfake' image.

“Facts matter: we need to know that the information we are using is credible (or, more accurately, we should be aware when it is not).”

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Rosey Pool (1905-71) exhibition

Black and white still of Rosey Pool (1905-71) sat at a table with a copy of her book and a drink.

Our exhibition of Rosey Pool’s personal book collection is now open on the ground floor of the library (at the bottom of the main staircase), created by Assistant Library Officer, Elsa van Helfteren.

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