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Speed Conservation

A closed book resting on it's side. The cover is brown leather and the title 'The life of Olaudah Equiano' is visible. The book is damaged.

Rosey Pool and the case of the damaged Equiano; or a book made safe and a treasure revealed.

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The Power of AI and Image Generation

With new software becoming available all the time, could AI text-to-image tools redefine how we create and use images at work? Join our Systems Librarian, Tim, as he uses software that is freely available to staff to explore creating AI-generated

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The Jeremy Hutchinson QC archive: Britain’s foremost criminal barrister

A pile of photos showing Jeremy Hutchinson. All are in black and white. Some show family photos. The largest three are pos ed portraits showing Hutchinson wearing a Naval uniform, a suit and tie, and the wig and bands of a QC.

By Alexander Taylor Hello, it’s Alexander with the second in a series of three blog posts on the Jeremy Hutchinson QC archive. This one will highlight Jeremy’s illustrious career at the Bar as one of Britain’s most formidable advocates. The

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Introduction to the University of Sussex Rare Book collections

A person opening pages of 'The birds of America'. Each page appears to be about the size of their arm.

We are lucky at the University of Sussex Special Collections to have a number of fabulous and varied rare book collections, which are now part of the wonderful collections held at The Keep. As well as individual researchers ordering in our reading room, academics from Sussex and other universities use the books to teach their courses, running seminars in our education rooms where the students can get first-hand experience of handling rare volumes.

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Theatre and Academia Series: How the Library Enhances Your Performing Arts Education

People sitting in a theatre. The image is taken from behind, facing the stage.

by Helena MacCormack

As someone who has studied performing arts for years, I understand the unique journey that drama students embark upon. Theatre is a vibrant, living art form where practice and creativity take centre stage. However, there is a misconception that theatre students exist in opposition to academia due to the practical nature of their degrees. While practical work is at the core of theatre studies, academic research plays a crucial role in shaping your perspective as a theatre practitioner. This post marks the first of a series which will detail 5 ways in which the Library’s resources can provide academic grounding to your theatre studies, with plenty of recommendations.

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An orange background with the text: 1 Librarian + 1 Reference = Better access to knowledge for all and a drawing of an owl with a computer mouse in it's beak

Most of us use Wikipedia every day to find out about the music of Ennio Morricone, the United States voting system or Extreme ironing (yes, extreme ironing). As much as students are dissuaded from using it, Wikipedia is one of the first places used when researching a new topic. A surprising number of people use Wikipedia healthcare information. In fact, a US study found that a large number of medical students used Wikipedia (67%), however, 65% did not know how to correct mistakes. [citation needed] When so much misinformation has become the fabric of public discourse, the need for accurate, up to date information with high quality sources is more important than ever. And you, dear librarians and library assistants, can help.

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The Papers of St John and Mary Hutchinson from The Jeremy Hutchinson QC Archive

Two books in a box surrounded by tissue paper. One is labeled 'SxMs207/1/1/2/2 St John Hutchinson 1917-1923 Diary'

My name is Alexander Taylor, and I am the Project Archivist working on cataloguing, preserving, and making available the Jeremy Hutchinson QC archive. The collection comprises records from Jeremy and his family’s personal and professional lives. This article will comprise the first in a series of 3 blog posts examining the collection in its entirety, with the first focusing on the uncatalogued personal papers of Jeremy’s parents, St John Hutchinson, a prominent defence barrister, and Mary Hutchinson (née Barnes), a short-story writer and model.

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Archiving and administering the Library and AFRAS at Sussex: guest blog post

Two lever files labeled 'Library Committee Papers' and 'AFRAS School Meetings 7th Autumn 65 - 35th Summer 71'

Reposted from the Decolonial Maps of Library Learning blog By Alice Corble and Rhiann Tester This overdue blog post features a guest contributor, Rhiann Tester, Assistant Library Administrator at Sussex. I’ll briefly introduce the context of our collaboration before handing

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