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‘How Sussex Supported the Miners’

Audience watching the Miners Strike event

Earlier this week on the 18th June 2024, the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign (OTJC) delivered a new report to the Home Office and every major party on the events of what has been dubbed the ‘Battle of Orgeave’. Earlier this year Matt Foot, from OTJC, joined the Library, UCU and Unite the Union at an event that marked the 40th anniversary of the Miners’ Strike, to talk about the campaigns fight for an independent enquiry. Elsa van Helfteren has put together a blog post of the highlights from the evening looking at Sussex’s involvement in the strike.

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Listening to Maureen Colquhoun

By Esther Gill – Hub project manager – Unlocking our Sound Heritage It is Monday 1st February 2021, the UK is in lockdown and I am working from home, listening to a radio interview (UTK006/498) from 1973 with a councillor

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‘For security reasons it may not be prudent to unfold where I am’ – Ghana’s 1978 electoral commissioner’s letter from hiding surfaces in the BLDS Legacy collection

By Danny Millum – BLDS Metadata and Discovery Officer Cataloguing on the BLDS Legacy Collection project has now reached Ghana, and we’ve just unearthed a fascinating letter from a dramatic time in that country’s political history. On 30 March 1978

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