Making notes of my notes

There always comes a time when the fun ends and you have to get serious. This is how I see the end of the term. Partying stops, interesting lectures are over, the coursework (if you had any in the first place) is done (or isn’t, depends on you) and submitted and you need to start revising. The sooner you start, the better.

I personally find it very difficult to start my revision. Main goals of revision are to understand the topic and to memorize it. Well, for the exam itself you don’t really need the first one, but the second one goes a lot faster with the first one. A good plan is to do a revision timetable. I had this planned for the previous term but I just didn’t make it. Maybe I should make a timetable when to make timetable for revision?

Anyhow, my strategy is quite simple. As I have the privilege of all of my lectures being accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation, I simply print out the slides and use them as my lecture notes. Some of my friends like to write in the lectures (usually they literally copy the slides and add what the lecturer said), since the writing helps them with understanding and memorizing. When revising, I always take my notes (slides) and highlight the important concepts. After that I create a glossary of these concepts. You could say I make notes of my notes, then I just memorize those concepts. This has worked for me so far.


What’s your revision strategy? Some students like to watch the recordings of the lectures, some read core textbooks and recommended readings. How do you revise? Thank you for all the answers.

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