Phone or laptop?

Even though some find technology overwhelming and they feel they can’t keep up with all the latest devices or apps on the market, I personally find every technology-related thing I use very helpful. Since my Nexus 7 broke (or since I broke it) I’m only left with my laptop and my mobile phone. I find it impossible to always carry my Sony Vaio around, since it’s too big and heavy, so if there’s a document I need to read on the go, I’d use my BlackBerry Q10. What I love most about my phone is that it has integrated Microsoft Office, which means I can view and edit Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc. documents. The only downside to editing docs on my phone is the 3.1” screen. So if the matter isn’t time sensitive I prefer to do it on my laptop. Our library recently introduced self-service laptop loans. This allows me to get a laptop (Dell Chromebook) for six hours while I’m on campus. Chromebooks are small enough to carry them around with you and large enough to edit/read docs without a problem. I guess they’re the perfect fit between my BB Q10 and my Vaio.

For these reasons I also use my phone when I need to look something up, especially during a lecture or a seminar. I normally don’t take notes during my lectures since I find it easier to follow by only looking at the slides (which I would print out beforehand and are available on Study Direct, our VLE). I also try to keep myself from using my phone during lectures mainly because it leads to me being on Facebook or 9gag for entire lecture.

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